Before reporting mishandled baggage to Blue Ribbon Bags, you must first have notified the airline that the baggage did not arrive at the end-point of your flight. The airline will have provided you with the tracking information that you will need to file the mishandled baggage report below.

Undelivered bags, including a valid Air Malta PIR number from the airline, must be reported to Blue Ribbon Bags within 24 hours of flight arrival. Blue Ribbon Bags service will not be honored for bags reported after the 24 hour deadline. If Air Malta has not provided you with a valid Air Malta PIR number, you will need to contact them and collect it before filing your report with Blue Ribbon Bags. Blue Ribbon Bags will not retrieve Air Malta PIR numbers from the airline. It is the passenger’s responsibility to collect this information from the airline before filing their Mishandled Baggage Report with us.

Step 2: Mishandled Baggage Information

When you filed a lost baggage claim with the airline you received a Air Malta PIR Number and Baggage Tag Number, please enter them here:

Step 3: Service Agreement Number

Please enter your Blue Ribbon Bags Service Agreement Number:

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Step 4: Additional Baggage Information

Step 5: Payment Information

Please enter Payment information. This is the address that you would like your payment sent in the event of your bag being delayed for more than 96 hours.

Note: Payment details can be changed after initial reporting. This may lead to a slight delay in payment processing.


Step 6: Additional Contact Information .

Please add any additional persons you wish to have updated regarding the status of your baggage

Step 7: Confirm


You are required to submit a copy of the report as provided to you by the airline when you filed your lost luggage claim with the airline, to Blue Ribbon Bags within 24 hours of your flight landing in order to complete the Mishandled Baggage Report filing process. If you do not submit a copy of this report, as provided to you by the airline, within 24 hours of your flight landing, your Mishandled Baggage Report with Blue Ribbon Bags will be denied immediately upon expiration of the 24 hour deadline, and you will not qualify for baggage retrieval services or our Satisfaction Guaranteed Payment. Please submit a copy of this report to and put your Service Agreement number in the subject line. Supporting Airline documentation which is submitted in any other manner then as instructed here will not be considered a valid submission, and will not be considered with regard to your Mishandled Baggage Report with Blue Ribbon Bags. Any reports that do not have accompanying documentation will be denied upon expiration of the 24 hour deadline from when your flight landed.

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